HRNM Blue Jacket Puppets is a new endeavor from the Education Department at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum.  It began with a generous grant from the Tidewater Officers' Spouses' Association of Hampton Roads.  This organization's gracious donation allowed staff to purchase puppets and a puppet stage and begin work on the program in May 2011.  Since then, HRNM Education staff members (AKA the "Blue Jackets Puppets Troupe") have developed several puppet plays, including We're All Friends Under the Sea, a 15-minute play about the dangers of bullying.  Staff members also developed plays for their annual Halloween event, The Hunt for Dead October

Puppets provide both children and adults a new and creative way to entertain and inform.  Future projects and shows will reflect the role of the Navy family and important aspects of local naval history in Hampton Roads.  HRNM staff believes this endeavor will provide a creative outlet for fans both local and beyond to experience a new approach to history and museums.  We ultimately want to make Blue Jacket Puppets as interactive as possible for fans.  Posts will be regularly updated and will reflect ongoing events and activities supported by HRNM Education Staff.  Check the blog regularly for updates and information.  

For more information about the Blue Jacket Puppets, or to schedule a puppet show, please contact Laura Orr at laura.l.orr@navy.mil or call (757) 322-3108. 

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