The Scuttlebutt  - Episode 2
(Chief Tamara talks about "The Revenge of Bartholomew" with Uncle Sam)

The Scuttlebutt - Episode 1
(Our New HRNM Blue Jacket Puppets Talk Show, hosted by Uncle Sam)

The Revenge of Bartholomew Trailer
(Check out the latest preview to the NEW Blue Jacket Puppets Play at HRNM)

The puppet show will air live ONE NIGHT ONLY - October 26, 2012 - during the Hunt for Dead October.  Call Laura Orr at (757) 322-3108 for more details. 

Puppets Visit HRNM
(Find out what happens when several stars of the Blue Jacket Puppets visit the Hampton Roads Naval Museum)

2012 Calendar of Events Music Video
(Enjoy this fun music video about the 2012 HRNM Calendar of Events, starring Petty Officer Patty and Seaman Simon!)  You can download the track under the "Audio" tab on the home page.

The Brig of Bartholomew Extended Trailer
(See our extended trailer from last year's Halloween Puppet Show)

The Brig of Bartholomew Sneak Preview
(Check out this sneak preview to last year's Halloween Puppet Show)

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