Ongoing Shows:
We're All Friends Under the Sea
Join Seaman Simon and his underwater friends as they discover the true meaning of friendship in this 15-minute puppet play.  This play takes a look at recent events surrounding anti-bullying and equal respect for children in school (under the lens of the US Navy!). 

Neptune's Children
An introspective look at the Navy family in Hampton Roads.  Special attention will focus on the aspect of children with parents who are active duty and/or forward deployed.  The play will draw from real-life experiences of staff whose parents and loved ones deployed during their lifetime. 

Special Events
The Revenge of Bartholomew (One Night Only Live Performance - October 26, 2012)
Bartholomew is back! The pirate who terrorized audiences in the "Brig of Bartholomew" has returned for revenge! Come check out this brand new Blue Jacket Puppet play at this year's "Hunt for Dead October," only at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum.

The Hunt for Dead October
October 26, 2012

Hampton Roads Naval Museum
1 Waterside Drive
Norfolk, VA 23510

For more information, please contact Laura Orr at  Don't miss it!

The Brig of Bartholomew (October 21, 2011)
View the Brig of Bartholomew Trailer HERE.

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