USS Adventure

Petty Officer Patty (MM1)
Job:  Machinist Mate First Class
Play Appearances: The Brig of Bartholomew
Bio:  Patty enlisted in the United States Navy in December 2001.  Like many service members today, Patty answered the call to service following attacks made against the United States.  She joined the crew of the USS Adventure in May 2011, serving one tour on Atlantic Patrol and Anti-Piracy.  She lives in Virginia Beach.  The highlight of her last deployment was getting locked in the evil Brig of Bartholomew, a pirate raiding the Atlantic Ocean.  Her friend Seaman Simon rescued her during last year’s play, The Brig of Bartholomew, breaking a 300-year-old curse.  She enjoys the quiet life and awaits orders back to the Adventure in the near future.     

Seaman Simon (SN)
Job: Fireman
Play Appearances: We’re All Friends Under the Sea, The Brig of Bartholomew
Video Appearances: 2012 Calendar of Events, Puppets Visit HRNM!
Bio:  Seaman Simon enlisted in the Navy in March 2009.  After boot camp, A School, and several shore commands, his first ship assignment was aboard the USS Adventure.  There, he has experienced several exciting events, from learning the true meaning of friendship under the sea (We’re All Friends) to defeating an evil pirate (The Brig of Bartholomew).  He has since returned to Naval Station Norfolk and is waiting for orders back to the USS Adventure.  Simon is highly interested in museums and would like to seek a career in education after he retires from the Navy. 


Samuel Clammons (MM3)
Job: Machinist Mate Third Class
Play Appearances: The Brig of Bartholomew, The Revenge of Bartholomew
Bio: Samuel enlisted in the Navy in 1912.  After serving on several ships in the years before the First World War, Clammons got his dream job on the USS Cyclops.  In May 1917, the ship was traveling in the Bermuda Triangle when it mysteriously disappeared.  We can neither confirm nor deny that this was Bartholomew's work.  All we know is that Samuel resurfaced nearly 100 years later as a talking clam at the bottom of the Atlantic, apparently banished there by an evil spell from Captain Bartholomew (see The Brig of Bartholomew).  After being released from his spell, Clammons joined the crew of the USS Adventure as a Machinist Mate working in the engine room.   

Chief Tamara (BMC)
Job: Chief Boatswain’s Mate
Play Appearances: The Revenge of Bartholomew
Bio: Tamara has always been one for adventure, so it was a perfect fit when she joined the crew of the USS Adventure.  Tamara is an intelligent and skilled sailor and has served for nearly 20 years.  She is also stern and direct with her sailors.  This makes her an effective and trustworthy leader on the ship.  Her travels prior to her arrival on Adventure took her all over the world.  Her most interesting adventure will come during The Revenge of Bartholomew, where she battles wits with an evil supernatural pirate (The Revenge of Bartholomew).  Above all else, however, Tamara is a supporter of the Navy family.  Her family lives near Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia.    

Chief Winston (YNC)
Job: Chief Yeoman
Play Appearances: We’re All Friends Under the Sea
Video Appearances: Puppets Visit HRNM!
Bio:  Chief Winston originally hails from the Tribeca area of New York City.  Winston's father was a fireman, working at the station off of N. Moore Street.  Winston chose a different career path from his father, enlisting in the Navy at the age of 18.  Chief spent several years on destroyers and cruisers before settling on the frigate Adventure.  Needless to say, Chief is an experienced Surface Navy warrior.  Chief has a big love for naval history, as he has toured the Hampton Roads Naval Museum several times (see Puppets Visit HRNM!).

Helo Pilot Hector (XO, Commander)
Job: Helicopter Pilot, USS Adventure; Executive Officer
Play Appearances: The Revenge of Bartholomew
Bio: Hector is the lovable Executive Officer of the USS Adventure.  Born in a small town in Nebraska, Hector knew he wanted to move away from the flat corn fields of his native state.  He received a commission from the United States Naval Academy, graduating in 1994.  Hector flew during campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He became the Executive Officer of the USS Adventure in May 2012.  Hector flies an MH-35E Sea Dragon.  His call sign is "No Strings Attached." 

The Gliding Prussian
Pirate Captain Bartholomew
Job: Pirate, Commanding the Gliding Prussian
Bio:  Bartholomew didn't choose the pirate life; the pirate life chose him.  Bartholomew began his seafaring life in 1711 as a lowly cabin boy aboard a merchant ship operating out of Liverpool, England.  Bartholomew's ship was preparing to send supplies over to the American colonies when a violent storm washed it away, leaving most of his crew members behind.  There he met an evil pirate on a deserted island who put a horrible curse on him.  He could break the curse by finding the secret treasure of Atlantis buried in the Atlantic Ocean--only then could the spell truly be broken.  The pirate was given a new ship, the Gliding Prussian, to raid the high seas.  Bartholomew searched for his treasure for over 300 years, until Seaman Simon found it in 2011 (see The Brig of Bartholomew). The evil pirate was outsmarted by Simon and the Adventure and was last seen in the jaws of a ferocious shark after being thrown overboard.  Is this the end of Bartholomew? Or just the beginning?

First Mate Oates
Job: Pirate, First Mate of the Gliding Prussian
Play Appearances: The Brig of Bartholomew, The Revenge of Bartholomew
Bio: First Mates Oates is the bumbling yet lovable First Mate on the Gliding Prussian.  Like Bartholomew, Oates began his seafaring career as a cabin boy.  After his merchant ship was marauded by Bartholomew and the Gliding Prussian in 1824 off the coast of South America, Oates decided to join the crew and its supernatural captain.  He has since helped Bartholomew search for the lost treasure of Atlantis, often at the expense of his health and safety.  Besides a few bouts with scurvy, Oates lost his left eye during an incident involving a peg leg.  Oates is devoted to his captain, yet his patience grows thin from looking for treasure.  Perhaps there is something better out there for Oates?  

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