Meet the Troupe

Take a second and meet the HRNM staff behind the creation of "Blue Jacket Puppets."

The HRNM Blue Jacket Puppets Troupe:

Lee Duckworth
Position: Creative Director, Puppeteer, Sound Engineer (We're All Friends)
Portrays: Pirate Captain Bartholomew (The Brig of Bartholomew), First Mate Oates (The Brig of Bartholomew).

Matthew Eng
Position: Puppeteer, Video Editor, Set Designer, Audio Producer
Portrays: Main Characters: Seaman Simon (We're All Friends/The Brig of Bartholomew),  Sammy the Clammy/Samuel Clammons (The Brig of Bartholomew), Pirate Captain Bartholomew (The Revenge of Bartholomew), Helo Pilot Hector (The Revenge of Bartholomew).  Smaller Roles: Wise Ray (We're All Friends), Chief Winston (We're All Friends), Petty Officer Patty (Puppets Visit HRNM).

Laura Orr
Position: Puppeteer, Puppet Show Producer, Public Relations
Portrays: Main Characters: Petty Officer Patty (The Brig of Bartholomew), Sebastian the Shark (We're All Friends/The Brig of Bartholomew/The Revenge of Bartholomew), Chief Tamara (The Revenge of Bartholomew), Danielle the Dolphin (We're All Friends). Smaller Roles: Hannah the Hammerhead (We're All Friends), Otto the Octopus (The Brig of Bartholomew), Wise Ray (The Brig of Bartholomew).

Jordan Hock
Position: Puppeteer, Set Designer, Assistant Video Editor
Portrays: Main Characters: Samuel Clammons (The Revenge of Bartholomew), First Mate Oates (The Revenge of Bartholomew). Smaller Roles: Seaman Simon (Puppets Visit HRNM!).

Dane Smith
Position:  Sound Engineer (The Revenge of Bartholomew)

Diana Cox
Position: Blue Jacket Puppets Educational Services Representative (The Revenge of Bartholomew)

Past Blue Jacket Puppets Staff: 

Samuel Nelson (2011)
Position: Puppeteer, Set Design
Portrays: Chief Winston (Puppets Visit HRNM!), Pirate Captain Bartholomew (Understudy, The Brig of Bartholomew).

Gordon Calhoun (2011)
Position: Sound Engineer (The Brig of Bartholomew)

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